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A lifelong love affair with food, cooking outdoors, and the sea come together at Swell Kitchen.

Set on pristine Westcoast shores, nestled in a shimmering fjord, Swell Kitchen is an entirely off-grid seaside cooking hideaway just minutes by boat from Vancouver, BC, yet completely remote and wonderfully wild.

Self-taught chef, live fire cook and professional crabbing expert Kate Fraser will take you to the water's edge as she cooks from her ocean home. Quality local ingredients prepared with simple flair, Kate shows you how to create the experience of cooking outdoors, on your own bbq, backyard picnic, or public park oasis.


Each post, video episode, or live stream takes you beachside to her Swell Kitchen, or cooking over an open fire on the shore. Go fishing for the freshest seafood, bake in a wood-fired oven crafted from beach rocks. Collect naturally sourced ingredients found at the shores of her seaside home, or join her on a cozy winter day cooking inside at Allswell Cottage with a crackling fire.


Every day is a simple adventure.

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