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Paddler Lunch


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Water Ski








on the

Dining Deck


The Fisher's Paddler Lunch

Paddler's Lunch: 

Welcome to our special Fisher's Paddler Lunch made just for you hard working folks who paddle up and down the Arm past our house every day. We look at you, and we think you are hungry and in need of a snack! Includes one large hotdog either Polish, All-Beef or Smokies too. A side of chips and a soda of your choice or water, whatever you like. Please note, we are not just talking any old hot dog. Kate will make sure you have choices of several different cheeses, grilled onions or freshly diced, homemade sauerkraut and several custom sauces too!


Suggested Donation: $20. Trips to the outhouse and a seat on dry land are complimentary! As well as pets for our little puppy Fisher.

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Suggested Donations

All breads, unless specified, are made by Kate by hand at Swell Kitchen. All ingredients are top quality, often produced or grown ourselves at our home. A lot of work and love go into each bite at Swell Kitchen so we do ask for a suggested donation to cover our hard costs, our time and Kate's skill.

How to Pay Us

At the moment, payment is via etransfer to but in future we will be moving to the square payment system.


How to Visit Us For 
Fisher's Paddler Lunch
Invitation Only Pre-Booked Availability

Friends, new and old, please be sure to fill out all of the fields and information as either a First Time Visitor or if visiting again, use the I Want to Come Back form.

* Please know that our extension of friendship is not for any other reason than for us to truly build a connection with you that enhances the social fabric of our fjord, together. We just love that we also get to dine with you too!


"Cause, after all... you gotta eat right?

Limited Seating & Dock Space Available

At present, for each Get-Together we only have 12 seats available for this weekend's plans but we will grow as we grow our family-style harvest table and the seats for our friends, new and old. So please get back to us with how many in your party that you would like to attend and for what Get-Together you would like to visit us on.

Thank you!

DROP INS: Please don't show up for an event that your attendance has not been confirmed with us, unless you are popping by to ask questions, just say hello or of course, to visit Fisher our little puppy!

When to Visit Us
Set Start and Ending Times

SUMMER DINNERS: 5pm to 9pm: All evening Get-Togethers start at 5pm and end at 9pm. Please do not arrive early as we are busy preparing for you. It's getting dark earlier now and so our dinner hours have shifted earlier for everyone's safety.

SATURDAY BRUNCH 11am to 2pm: All Saturday Brunch Get-Togethers start at 11am and end at 2pm. Please do not arrive early as we are busy preparing for you.

WATER SKI BREAKFASTS: By pre-registration only. If you wish to come and have an early breakfast with us, please let us know by visiting the Water Ski Breakfasts page and submitting your request. Hours and days are flexible.

PADDLER'S LUNCHES: By pre-registration only. If you wish to come and have a Paddler's Lunch with us, please let us know by visiting the Paddler's Lunch page and submitting your request. Hours and days are flexible.

We Kindly Ask You
While Visiting for Get-Together


Areas of Access: Swell Kitchen Get-Togethers and Cook-Togethers take place at the front of our home. You are welcome to enjoy our dock, our dining deck and of course, our outhouses. Unless invited to, we ask that you refrain from hanging out in the seaside kitchen as space is limited and we need that to prepare great food for you and to also not walk up to our main house, to go inside or to go to the back forest to visit the chickens unless invited to.

Your Wake: We ask you to please be considerate of our neighbours and our docks and arrive at 5 knots or less.

Your Craft: We ask that you ideally bring a small craft such as a dingy or small skiff or something else that you can arrive and leave safely in that has your own fenders and lines for tie up. If you have a larger craft and are unable to accommodate your request please be in touch in advance to arrange a private Get-Together for your large vessel's group. We cannot accommodate a vessel for a private Get-Together that is over 36'. 

Drinking at Swell Kitchen: In order to protect everyone's safety while arriving, attending and departing, we require the responsible consumption of alcohol. We cannot entertain friends who arrive and appear to be under the influence because honestly it's not a "drunk-fest". We offer a family friendly environment for our friends, new and old, that is inclusive, kind, compassionate, chill and fun. 

Smoking: There is a strict no smoking policy at our home and property. If you wish to smoke, you could do that on your own vessel please.

Children & Pets: We are an inclusive family friendly home with pets but please know that we do not offer supervision of small children or pets. When considering to bring your dog or not, please consider if your dog is able to be safely social with other dogs before bringing them. We will of course make sure our dog patrons have nice fresh water and a forest for "business time".

Noise: We love our peace and quiet and so does our bay. We provide a calm environment for everyone to enjoy some jazz over a coffee or meal with us and our friends new and old. We turn into pumpkins pretty early so please respect our neighbours as you come, stay and go from Swell Kitchen.

How to Pay
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