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My Mother's Corn Fritters

A favourite in our family recipe book, this one is a home run handed down to me by my mother and as kids, one we would run to the kitchen to devour anyday!

Whenever my mother was cooking corn fritters, it was a special day. I can remember her frustration with us as my brother and I snatched them from the plate as soon as she dropped them. So good, she could never amass an actual plateful due to our fast hands! They have easily grown into a favourite in our home as well. Now, with children of my own, I totally know how impossible making a plate of these actually is! Wish I could make them for her just one more time.

Crispy. Chewy. Fluffy. Sweet. These addictive little pillows of love will certainly have your crew running back for more, more, more!

Certainly not an everyday dish, these corn fritters are a welcome treat on a hot summer afternoon or as a cheery after school snack on a cold and rainy autumn day.

My Mother's Corn Fritters

Whether you make your own creamed corn from a fresh summer bounty or open a can, your adoring crowd won't know the difference.

1 small can of your favourite creamed corn

1 cup flour

3 tbs. sugar

1 egg

1/4 tsp. baking powder

Pinch of salt

This couldn't be easier. Throw all your ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined. Heat up just a couple inches of your favourite oil for deep frying and wait until a wooden stick dipped into the oil gives off tiny bubbles. That's how you know the oil is ready to cook with (thanks Mum).

Drop a heaped tablespoon carefully into the hot oil and fry until golden on both sides. Serve right away (if you have any to serve).

TIP: Hide the plate of finished ones as they come out and keep everyone distracted with something else. It's the only way you can make a plateful.


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