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Sea Salt Bourbon Caramel Wedding Cake

Layers of sumptuous salted bourbon caramel between fluffy french vanilla layers, iced with a tangy cream cheese cream frosting.

I made this for our wedding a few years back. I'm really looking forward to my husband's birthday this year as I make it for him again!

Yes, those are real mussel shells on the top. No, there are no mussels in the cake!

For our wedding, I wanted our cake to really express who we are. To bring the sea into the decorations, to weave his favourite flavours into every layer. This cake never disappoints.

Sea Salt Bourbon Caramel Cake

A cake for any occasion, this on is coming soon, launching Thursday, Sept. 26th.

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Hi! I'm Kate

Welcome to Swell Kitchen, a seaside foodie paradise where I teach, cook, catch, bake and broil at the water's edge.

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