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#VancouverTakeOut: Steamed Dungeness Crab

A favourite under a poached egg, on top of a crisp salad or tossed into some fresh pasta, Dungeness crab, especially when caught in our very own front yard, is a treat served at any meal for any occasion.

I call this #vancouvertakeout. We live in North Vancouver, BC, on the shores of Indian Arm, a stunning fjord teeming with these delicious creatures. All you have to do is toss in $3 of chicken bones to pull out $300 worth of crab!

There really is nothing better than tucking into a steaming crab feast. Delicate and sweet, a perfectly cooked Dungeness Crab will be sure to please your guests everytime.

This one couldn't be easier. Whether you catch your own fresh crab or bring it home from the market, it's always best to serve your crab the same day you bring it home.

#Vancouvertakeout is amazing. It's abundant. It's free. It's delicious! Dungeness and Red Rock crab are honestly my very favourite food there is. So easy to prepare, though not for the faint of heart since some "dispatching" does need to be done. More about that, in another post. : (

​In this post, however, I will save you time, trouble and many evenings of sore fingers with the ultimate technique to easily get the most meat out of your next plate of crab.

Bring salted water to a boil. Once it's at a strong rolling boil, drop in the crab halves, after cleaning and preparing them. Start timing 12 minutes once the water comes back to a boil. Strain and enjoy!

But how to get the most meat out of this beautiful plateful? Check out this ultimate seafood loving Grandma's video. I'll be trying this technique and making my own video soon.

For all the information on how to crab, just visit A Girl and Her Boat.

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